How much does a GemCam cost?

GemCam costs US$499 plus: shipping and handling and import duties for your country.

Why do I need the app?

The app connects the GemCam device with your smartphone camera to ensure a high quality images are captured and it enables you to select between the video or photo options.

Do I have to pay for the app?

No. For the basic app that enables you to take photos and videos you just download it for free.

Where do I get the app?

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gem-cam/id1084717985?mt=8
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studioidan.dmc

Does every smartphone work? What about iPad / notebooks?

The device is suitable for all known smartphones including the mini-iPad, using IOS and android programs.

What details can I add to the image?

Coming Soon, you will be able to add the following diamond details:

  • Lab and cert number
  • Carat
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Cut
  • Your company name
What type of zoom does GemCam have?

An integrated standard 10x magnifying glass in accordance with diamond industry standards.

  • High quality video image and clarity
  • Zoom 40x similar to microscope quality to identify inclusions
How do I share or send the photo/video?

You can share via all of the sharing options you have on your smartphone.

What size diamonds and gems will fit into the GemCam?

Rounds and Fancy Shapes: 0.05ct to 14.00ct can be positioned in the Gem-Grip.

Do I need to connect the device to a computer?

No you do not need to connect the device to a computer.
All GemCam 360º videos and images can be saved on your phone. If you wish to download the images onto your PC then you can use your smartphone connection as you would with any image.

Can people without the app receive and view the image or video?

Yes, it opens automatically using their default image program or video player.

Is there somewhere that I can see all of my images?

Your images are saved to your phone. GemCam is currently developing a storage and library system with links for each of your images.

How do I use the 360º Rotation?

There are two options:
Option 1 – Use the 360º Auto-Rotate button – it is very fast but can be paused when viewing.
Option 2 – Use the 360º Manual-Rotate button enabling you to capture images of the stone step by step – up to 60 seconds per video.

What is the maximum video length that I can take?

60 seconds.

What is the USB plug on the device for?

It can be used as a phone charger if you required, however it will cause a fast depletion of the device’s battery.

How long do I need to charge the battery for and how long will it last?

Before using the GemCam device for the first time, please charge the battery for five hours.
The average length of battery life between charging, if only using the device as a camera (and not as a charger), is 12 hours.

Can I keep my GemCam plugged in all of the time?

Yes you can. The charger will cut off when the battery is full.

I need some help – how can I contact GemCam?

Just drop our customer service center an email at: service@gem-cam.com and we will revert accordingly.

How do I clean my Device?
  1. Clean the surfaces with a soft dry cloth.
  2. Do not use wet wipes, soapy water or type of cleaning liquids on any part of the device.
    To clean the camera window remove the grey silicon cap – with your hands and not with a sharp item, and clean with a soft cloth, exactly as you clean a loupe.
How should I store or transport my device?

If you are storing or transporting your device – please turn off the device lights and use the uniquely designed packing case provided.