GemCam Warranty

    1. The warranty period covers 12 months and begins on the day of delivery of the device to the customer.
    2. The Warranty shall not be applicable if:
      1. The device has been damaged by customer tampering, mishandling or negligence.
      2. The device has been dropped, exposed to water, excessive humidity or an electrical surge or drop.
      3. The serial number found on the device body has been altered.
      4. Misuse of the device and/or its elements has taken place.
    3. A proof of purchase receipt is required.


  • To fix the device it must be sent to the nearest service center. Please contact together with your company details, proof or purchase, the device serial number (found on the back of the Device Body) and an explanation of the problem.
  • To receive the complete Product Warranty please contact us at: