Technical Support

  1. The motor is not turning or the LED charter light is flashing
    Your battery is depleted. Recharge your GemCam.
  2. I keep getting blurry images
    iPhone: For photos you can manually control it with the focus slide feature.
    Android: Focus is automatic.
  3. My video is too heavy to email
    This depends upon which phone and email service provider you are using.
    If you want to upload your videos – you can connect and download onto your computer.
  4. My gemstone images seem to look darker than I see them in real life.
    • On the app – play with the light slider to increase brightness.
    • In the device – there are three levels of overhead light and one level of up lighting. It is preferable to use the device lighting to get the brightness that you are seeking.
    • Turn up the brightness setting on your smartphone– it should be on maximum when you are capturing and viewing images.
      Don’t forget – the human eye does not see the same way in reality as in an image. Even the same color can be seen differently by two different people.